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By Matt Richardson | Fox News 12-15-18 Federal judge strikes down Obamacare The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, was struck down by a Texas judge on Friday, a move that could suddenly disrupt the health insurance status of millions of Americans. The decision comes amid a six-week open enrollment period for the program. Texas, along with 19 states, had argued to U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor that they had been hurt by a jump in the amount of people utilizing state-backed insurance. When Congress cut the tax penalty from the program in 2017, the states claimed, it essentially undercut the Supreme Court’s reasoning for finding former President Barack Obama’s signature legislation constitutional in 2012. “The remainder of the ACA is non-severable from the individual mandate, meaning that the Act must be invalidated in whole,” O’Connor wrote in a 55-page opinion, according to Bloomberg. O’Connor is a conservative Republican appointee who previously blocked other Obama-era policies.

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Mueller Wiped Peter Strzok’s iPhone Clean

Dec 13,2018


Robert Mueller’s special counsel’s office reviewed Peter Strzok’s text messages from during his tenure at the FBI, but those text messages are obviously not going to see the light of day.

By some mechanical manipulation, the text messages for both Strzok and Page are gone, baby, gone, according to a new inspector general’s report. The Mueller team is specifically responsible for the scrubbing of the Strzok phone, while the explanation for the Page phone is a bit more muddied.

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THE LITTLE CHRISTMAS ANGEL – and finally an answer……


It was almost Christmas. The “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” angel was decked out with a new sash and a brightened halo. The Host of Heavenly Angels had put the final polish on this year’s presentation to the Shepherds (who all had new staffs.)

The Angels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael had spread their lustrous wings, perfecting their dramatic hov’ring routine.

Eastern Kings were scanning the skies for a prophesied Star, the tip of which was just appearing in the East.

And the woolly lambs, the high-eared donkeys, the long-eared goats, and the lowing cattle were all fed and combed; …and hay laid in the manger.

But there was one little toe-tapping angel that wasn’t ready for Christmas……..

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DO NOT let your Muslim/Islam guard down during the joy of our wondrous Spirit of Christmas. Let’s unwrap a few words from Islam.

Top of the list, one of my “this-explains-everything” favorites, is taquia, or taquya. It’s concept is from the Koran/Quran. It translates loosely as, “Tell the pig-faced infidels any lie you want, at any time you want, about anything you want if it furthers the pursuit of Allah.Got that?

Yes, you’re a pig, an infidel, a kuffar – and lying to you is a Muslim’s sworn duty in the promotion of Allah, and in the pursuit of the global Muslim sharia theocracy (government based on religiously held beliefs).

[caption id="attachment_179" align="alignleft" width="200"] Abdul el Sayed and wife, Michigan.[/caption]

It means that no matter how warm their smiles, how genuine their handshakes, how western their dress, if they are a Muslim their first and only duty is to Allah and you can be damned – which they will happily pursue to its headless end given any chance.

By dint of taquia you cannot trust a word they say; a treaty they sign; a pledge they make; and certainly not a Pledge of Allegiance to a non-Muslim infidel corrupt western country.

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TRUMP Accomplishments – 2016 2018

Dumped the lousy Pacific TTP trade proposal.

Dumped the lousy Atlantic TTIP trade proposal.

Made the Arab trip where he told their leaders bluntly, “You have a problem you need to address!”

Has diminished and contained ISIS.

Blasted Syria for allegedly gassing its civilians.

Dumped the UN weather hoax Paris Climate Accords. (U.S. has already lowered its CO2 more than any other country on earth.)

Is going toe-to-toe with North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, France, and England.


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Want to buy a vehicle but don’t understand how to deal with those last minute add on costs, or even what they actually entail? The following under-cover videos are from Canada but are pertaining to some of our same companies and rules. They do an excellent job of making the paye/buyer informed and wise!

The required maintenance specifically spelled out from the vehicle manufacture appears to be the official requirement to fulfill your warranty, regardless of your local dealers scheduled maintenance. Check your vehicle maintenance booklet. If you do not have the booklet try going to the net to acquire a free one.


Dents, etc

New Car Sales

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Constitutional America or Sharia Law America?

In previous issues I gave information on the number of Muslims running for federal elected offices. Since they tend to group in locations they naturally win a large portion of the elected positions. Of course school committees are sought after as that will influence the up and coming children. By now most of you probably know the number that won elective office.

The problem is not prejudice against Muslims per se. Even if a Muslim would rather not adhere to Sharia Law they are open to coercion because they know they and their family will suffer the penalties prescribed by Sharia Law of beheading or worse.

Excellent information is available from individuals previously under Sharia and are now risking their lives to stop it from becoming law in the United States. Examples : include Brigitte Gabriel : Religion of Peace- A Brief History of Islam – #islam #religionofpeace & Amil Imani Soft Jihad Islamizing our Schools.

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Michael New Action Fund  Internet Edition  December 15, 2018 SPC4 Michael New patriotically joined the US Army in the early 1990s and was subsequently court-martialed under Clinton for refusing to join the UN Army.    Michael New   >>>>>> The New American 12-12-18 exposes the hypocrisy of “dignitaries” from around the world who fly in on private jets and ride in limos as they lecture others to use less energy and resources.    >>>>>> Item #10 in the UN agenda at the 1976 Habitat 1: “Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; …. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable….” >>>>>>        JB