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Dumped the lousy Pacific TPP trade proposal.

Dumped the lousy Atlantic TTIP trade proposal.

Made the Arab trip where he told their leaders bluntly, “You have a problem you need to address!”

Has diminished and contained ISIS.

Blasted Syria for allegedly gassing its civilians.

Dumped the UN weather hoax Paris Climate Accords. (U.S. has already lowered its CO2 more than any other country on earth.)

Is going toe-to-toe with North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, France, and England.


Gave a large bunch of tax-paying Americans lower taxes, more money in paycheck.

Gave offshore corporations a real advantageous incentive to bring their trillions of dollars back home.

Has sent the stock market flying. 

Has given the G7, the G8, and the G20 fits.

Touts America First! and means it.

Has imposed tariffs which are quickly bringing our trading “partners?” to the negotiating table.

Dumped lousy NAFTA for the proposed USMCA.


Has turned us into an energy exporting country by renewing energy exploration.

Got rid of the Health Care mandate/penalty.

Scaled back the horrific Waters of the United States over-regulatory scheme.

Has selected two Supreme Court justices.

Has fully funded our sadly depleted beleaguered Armed Forces.

Has told our NATO “partners?” to pay up or we walk.

Has created an economy where Blacks have the lowest unemployment ever. Same for Hispanics.

Has gone from 9% Black approval, to 19%, to now 29%.


And under Trump, we can dump that wussy wimpy Politically Correct  “Have a Safe and Happy Holiday…” for the joyous and robust, old fashioned, love-filled “MERRY CHRISTMAS”!

PS: Click this link for a Merry Christmas from the USAF Band……