ROSS PEROT 1930 – 2019

PEROT 1992 Austin, Texas (AP file photo)

  Ross Perot was a unique man who splashed across history like prism light bursting from a faceted crystal in the sun.  He was a devoted family man – an art and an oath mostly forgotten these days.  A Navy veteran.  An ardent and able boat man.
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                   CHEMTRAIL RIDGE:    The View from My Place


Looking SOUTH

Chemtrails” are a popular name for the very visible effects/results of planned and managed Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying.  These spray trails have long been known to contain the debilitating toxic metals barium; aluminum and nano-aluminum; and strontium.

Nano, by the way, is 1/80,000 the diameter of a human hair.  Eeentsy, weentsy, tiny

Now, neuro-toxic means dangerous to, poisonous to, or deadly to your brain; your central nervous system and all it controls; your spinal cord; your nerve-muscle interchanges. Nano-aluminum is a neuro-toxin that easily crosses the blood brain barrier, lodging deeply inside the furrowed brain tissues (as well as in the rest of the body, ie, liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, heart, etc.)

Different Days. Different Chemtrails.

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Poking fun at seriously ridiculous ads and posing blunt questions about them make listening to these earnest self righteous proclamations a whole lot more entertaining.

You may laugh or cringe, shake your head, maybe sigh a lot. But there will be a whole big bunch of stuff that you won’t buy, and won’t recommend either.

One of my earlier favorites was the one that said that a product containing something from a jellyfish might rejuvenate your brain. My comeback was: “When was the last time you had an intelligent conversation with a jellyfish? …The first time…?”

I mean, why would anyone think the insides of a possibly poisonous sea animal would be brain enhancing? But the ad touts it loudly!  And apparently the product is selling (although I’ve noticed that the Jellyfish is no longer featured?)

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The SQUAD: Another View…

“SQUAD” is an interesting word with numerous strong connotations.  It might be associated with “death”.  It might be associated with sports.  It might be associated with police.  But whatever it is associated with, the word invariably evokes strong masculinity, locker room masculinity, sometimes brute masculinity.

So… what a strange word to use for identifying this foursome of cheeky insolent irreverent abusive Democrat freshmen females in Congress.

To me, they more resemble a disarrayed bevy of squawking hens.  Lots of noise.  Lots of blustering.  Lots of [left] wing pointing.  Lots of pecking.  And lots of egg laying.  (Have you ever seen more zero results?)

But no teeth when it comes to issues.

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More !! NANO NEWS Briefs!

Cohen, Feb 2019

 Michael Cohen, convicted ex-New York attorney to Donald J Trump, is suing Trump for fees! An apparent agreement from July 2017 had the Trump Organization paying legal fees for Cohen as he underwent scrutiny involving him and Trump, up to a notable $1.7 million dollars, through June 2018.

But in July 2018 – when Cohen flipped and became a cooperating witness – The Trump Organization and its monies disappeared. So now Cohen stomps his foot.  C’mon, Mikey! Lighten up! Laugh and the World Laughs with You!  >>>>>

Gold Award

 Girl Scout’s highest Gold Award has been given to Pro-Abortion Tucson teen, Meghna Gopalan. She was honored by the Scouts for her volunteer work in “reproductive health justice”, aka abortion, including participation in the 2018 Tucson Women’s March.  Whatever happened to badges for sewing, cooking, swimming, hiking?  >>>>>

Washington ExaminerDeregulation explodes under Trump, 13 regulations killed for every new one, $33B saved,  by Paul Bedard | July 22, 2019 11:05 AM  >>>>>


PaPa Barn Swallow feeding the peeps.

New housing starts up locally! 

Property Tax officials, local census takers, and Oregon Health Care studying the trend.





HEY!!! Up HERE! We’re HUNGRY!!!!!

Bureaucrats ponder:

Is the housing condition safe?

Is the housing overcrowded?

Is the food FDA and USDA approved?

Who’s writing for the grant?


July 30, 2019
Issue 6

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The Epoch Times – Matthew Vadum

Anti-poverty Activist  Says San Francisco Slums Resemble World’s Worst

Concrete pillow.


San Francisco has the highest rate of street homelessness in the United States.


 …Driven by a rapid growth in homelessness, San Francisco, considered by some to be an enlightened bastion of left-wing social engineering , now resembles some of the worst slums on the planet, according to international anti-poverty activist Leilani Farha.

 ….She has since traveled to Manila, Philippines; Jakarta, Indonesia; Mexico City, Mexico; and New Delhi and Mumbai in India. The situation in San Francisco is on par with those large overseas cities, she said.


 ….On any given night, more than 4,300 people sleep on the streets.



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AAN Staff 7-8-19  On San Francisco homelessness…

  …But as the city’s liberal leadership turns the metropolis into a cesspool of homelessness, drug use, and feces-covered streets, San Francisco’s economic lifeblood is drying up as major conferences abruptly cancel scheduled  conventions and flee to nearby cities.

Shooting up.

….”A large medical convention that has been coming to San

Francisco since the 1980s is looking for a new host city because of the dirty streets and the homeless issues plaguing the area, according to San Francisco Travel, the city’s convention and visitors bureau,”  KRON reported in July 2018

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TEL AVIV – A senior Hamas official in Gaza has called on Palestinians in the diaspora to “slaughter Jews” around the world.

  During a speech at Friday’s so-called March of the Return protests, Fathi Hamad warned that if the blockade of Gaza, imposed by Israel and Egypt for security reasons, is not lifted by July 19, “every Jew on the planet” should be killed.

“Our patience has run out. We are on the verge of exploding. If this siege is not undone, we will explode in the face of our enemies, with God’s permission and glory. The explosion is not only going to be in Gaza but also in the [West] Bank and abroad, if God wills,” Hamad said in the speech, which was broadcast on the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV.

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A Great New Patriot Song! 
“I Stand for the Flag.

The patriotic country ensemble known as the Wes Cook Band was censored by Facebook earlier this week while trying to promote their new song: “I Stand for the Flag.” (TheBlaze)

  After releasing a video for the ballad, Facebook initially approved the band’s application to use paid promotional tools. But then, the social media giant revoked the request citing “political content.”  
Source: AAN  by: AAN Staff   2018-07-04

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[The following articles are excerpts of interest from the noted writers]

Consumer Reports 2019

Facebook has filed a patent to allow them to gauge your emotions as you browse online.

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Big Tech’s Laugh (2)


Breitbart and PJ Media reports

It’s no secret Mark Zuckerberg uses Facebook’s giant social network to rig elections and sway public opinion for his left-wing agenda.

  In an interview at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Facebook’s CEO was asked about what he is doing to comply with governments in regards to free speech and elections.

Mark Zuckerberg admitted during a recent talk that the social media network banned a number of pro-life advertisements ahead of the Irish abortion referendum.

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Big Tech’s Laugh (3)


Lucas Nolan  Breitbart News 7-15-19

  Forbes reports that Australian cyber researcher Edin Jusupovic recently claimed on Twitter that Facebook is embedding “hidden codes” in photos that users upload to the site to track how many people see and share the photos.

The  “IPTC special instructions” that Jusupovic describes are essentially digital watermarks embedded in image metadata by Facebook, which the company can then access again at a later date.

One user on Reddit explained it simply stating: “It is yet another way to learn associations between people.”

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Big Tech’s Laugh (4)


Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, blasted fellow Silicon Valley giant Google during a speech at the National Conservatism conference in Washington, D.C., over the weekend for agreeing to work with Communist China and shunning technology projects involving the U.S. military.

  As he opened his speech, the billionaire investor cited Google’s attempts to work out a deal with Beijing to develop a tightly-controlled search engine after letting lapse a U.S. Defense Department contract that would have given the American military access to the company’s powerful artificial intelligence tools.

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What is causing the divide & conquer America program? 

Why is mass immigration (legal and illegal) destroying Europe?

People are naturally nervous about anything they are totally unfamiliar with, be it skin color, dress, culture, language, etc.

  A simple cure for this massive destructive situation is for a country to have a common language.  That does not mean any group has to give up its country of origin language.  It simply means one common language required to be a citizen of the chosen new country.  One common language to receive the benefits of the new country of choice.  One common language to join in the culture of the country you say you want to be a part of. 

How can one claim they want to be part of their new country of choice if they cannot understand the written or spoken language?  — Continue Reading