An Opening Note…….

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I know.  I know. it’s been a long time since we published.  An old friend reminded us of just that at a recent post-election rally for TRUMP. 

US Right On is firmly in the camp of attorney Sidney Powell.  I see her as a Patriot IED that is going to legally – and dramatically in the extreme – literally blow the lid off the flagrant election fraud perpetrated by the swamp!  Go get’em,  Sidney!!

The current problem is that not one court has allowed any evidence to be presented.  Makes it a lot harder to prove your case……  To donate to Sidney go to Defending The Republic.  She is not paid by Trump or anyone else.

COVID 19 is such a crock!  Sure, it exists!  So…?  Oh, and it mutates.  So the question will eventually become not DO you have COVID, but WHICH COVID do you have?  I have lots more to say…..  as you’ll see.

JB has bunches of great election fraud and Bill Gates links for you to click on and as Google is deplatforming with lightning speed you might want to hit the youtubes pretty quick!  (Some links are really long…)

It’s the Holiday Season yet again.  If you feel like putting a candy cane in the US Right On Christmas stocking, click on the DONATE button up there.  And we be thanking you.