Now and again certain websites stand out. We’ll being including some of them here. This list is not static and will continue to grow.

American Policy Center

Tom DeWeese Author and long time champion of Property Rights. Expert on Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. Excellent research, well presented. He should be working as an adviser to HUD.

GeoEngineering Watch

Dane Wigington GeoEngineering (screwing around with the earth’s natural attributes) to include:  Droughts.  Downpours.  Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Freeze-Fry Whiplash. Ice Nucleation. Fires. Aerial Spraying. HAARP. He has dedicated years to sounding the alarms in these area. Fascinating site.

Patriot Coalition

A group dedicated to the Constitution; America First; Faith. With a link to Congress in Session. And the Founding Documents.

Natural News

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Real science presented by a real genius. Easy to understand articles from foods to vaccines to water purity to FDA/EPA/NSA/et Alia abuses and malfeasance.  Leading the way away from Google towards Free Speech. Great stuff!

Capitol Hill Outsider

Chip McLean Hard-Hitting political commentary from a large, diverse group of writers. Lots of up-to-the-minute articles. Don’t look for liberal sympathy here.