US Right is all about AMERICA.  Its Goals.  Its Accomplishments.  Its Friends.  Its Enemies.  Its Enemies Within.

“Make America Great Again” is more than a slogan to us.  It’s a turning of the Ship of State from globalist third-world status, thinking, and domination to a return of grand and glorious Nationhood, Independence, and Sovereignty under God in Whom we trust.

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While living, seeing, and observing a rather broad spectrum of life I became a bit of an ‘information junky’.  Part of that time was at a slower pace so one had a bit more time to ponder and sift happenings and information. One sometimes even had time to ponder multiple solutions to the same situation.

Now, with the speed of modern technology, time to sift out truth from fiction in information can be very difficult. The information I share with you I believe to be factual.  Therefore I will not bombard you with words, but rather I will give you sources of the information that formed my thoughts.

I ask in return that you never take information, including mine, as gospel without first sifting it through your thoughts, experiences and observations before deciding if it is right for you.   JB

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PS:  She is crackerjack with an axe splitting wood!

I’m Ronnie Herne a USAF vet of the Viet Nam War, and what a debacle that was, huh?  I got dragged kicking and screaming into the fight against NAFTA autumn of 1991 followed abruptly by championing Ross Perot who loomed large on the scene in early 1992.  And it’s been politics ever since.

NAFTA was THE SHAM WHAT AM.  it was a pack of lies, anti-American concessions, exceptions, foreign-favoring rules, sovereignty-crushing “courts” and international rules and rulings.  I actually read the whole thing.  And lectured on it.  It was during that time that I finally overcame a morbid fear of microphones……..  Catch the Audio Clips on the Front Page.

In the late 90s I traded in S.F. for southwestern Oregon.  I learned about the wonders of goats, kidding, milking.  I learned how to can my own apples.  And how to can butter.  And I stack a mean pile of firewood!

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We promise you that US Right On will never be boring.  There is too much going on for the waters to be that calm.  The question isn’t, “Will there be a storm?”  The questions are more When? Where? and How to survive?  We are here with you.  Especially to your Health.

God Bless Us All!  Yesterday. Today. And Tomorrow.