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Canada’s Toronto-based Dominion Voting has put out denials of any wrongdoing, or machinations, or vote tampering, or algorithms…  Alleluia, the Christmas angels should be bringing us a white snowfall of innocence!

Pictured here is a banner from their Home Page which pretty much says it all.

And did you catch the smaller print: “fully flexible and scalable election technology that can be customized for any jurisdiction”

And now, linked below is the List of Things They SAY They Didn’t Do.

Here is one example that should cause those innocent white snows to fly like a blizzard:

6) Dominion is a nonpartisan U.S. company based in Denver, CO.

Dominion has no company ownership relationships with the Pelosi family, Feinstein family, Clinton Global Initiative, Smartmatic, Scytl, or any ties to Venezuela or Cuba.  Dominion works with all U.S. political parties; our customer base and our government outreach practices reflect this nonpartisan approach.

Good to know, that.  Here is the rest of the List of Innocence.  Or Lies, to be more accurate.  (Check in with attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood to get the real story.)