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republished from 2019

RED FLAG LAWS + P T S D = Path  TSwift  Disarming

I was seriously shocked to learn that SEVENTEEN States plus D.C. already have some form of Red Flag Laws on the books and four more are pending. I had no idea!

Red Flag Laws are the Goody-Goody Two Shoes laws that permit family (and sometimes acquaintances) and/or the police and/or the courts to intervene when they believe that a gun owner is a threat to him/herself, or others, and may / will likely commit violence. The person may be involuntarily committed. The guns are removed. Gun purchases are forbidden.

Removal of guns means ALL guns in and around the premises. This includes guns belonging to the “dangerous one”, plus the spouse’s hand gun, Grandpa’s hunting rifles, and Gramma’s shotgun. They are all put into police custody, maybe to be seen again. Maybe not.

This is all done under the lovingly tender socialist umbrella of Mental Health. “I am from the government. I am here to help.” This very short two minute taped link is a feisty audio opinion on Mental Health and some of what it may mean to you.

And what ever happened to our U.S. bedrock “Innocent until proven guilty”?

The following are States already on board with some version of the Red Flag Laws. (These Laws are also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders and Gun Violence Restraining Orders.)

Connecticut 1999, Indiana 2005, California 2014, Washington 2016, Oregon 2017.

In 2018: Florida, Vermont, Maryland, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts, Illinois, District of Columbia.

In 2019: New York, Colorado, Nevada, and Hawaii. (from Wikipedia)

Pending: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and North Carolina.

These enactments vary from state-to-state but, like the camel niggling its nose under the edge of the tent, these restrictions and reporting requirements will expand. And the Mental Health “professionals” have never made a secret about wanting your guns.

It’s for the good of all, don’t you see? Socialist Society over the individual. Very Marx. Very scary. Very real.

The Second Amendment has nothing to do with deer hunting, everything to do with protecting us and ours.

They’re coming for your guns, guys.

Red Flag LawsP T S DPath To Swift Disarming.

All you at 100%. And you at 70% + 30%. Some of you at 50%, maybe even 30%. And you with the Vet Disabled license plates proclaiming proudly who you are.

All you cops and fire fighters who trusted the system to “help” you when you needed it during a bad patch – all of you are in the PTSD Gun Grab crosshairs.

ALL OF YOU KNOW WHICH END OF A WEAPON TO POINT, AND THAT SCARES THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THEM. Your weapons have GOT to go. And that is precisely what is at stake here.

It’s passed time for all of you to make some survival-level provisions and if you need me to tell you what I just said… Well, don’t worry. They’ll take good care of you in the Home…

Mental Health is an overreaching government contrivance that means to control you, your activities, your entire life and that of everyone else’s, also. Replay that short Mental Health audio link up above. Share it with others.

Look at Mental Health with the absurd but undisputed realization that psychology and psychiatry are NOT BASED on reproducible science. Unlike any other medical or scientific endeavors, these babblespeak disciplines are solely opinions formulated by pools of people who grouped symptoms – sometimes similar, sometimes not (think schizophrenia for example) – together and then categorized them.

So, they have no real basis in science, just varying observations, and lots of opinions. And these are the people who get to officially call you nuts, and be believed! Lauded, even.

Then add in Mandatory Reporting to the “authorities” and there you have their power tool. The threat is very very real, The consequences are very very real. And the staff members in Mental Health are empowered by and eager to do this to rein you in and make you compliant.

Remember, they were trained in our socialist schools and universities. It is a totally socialist power play, and a frighteningly effective one, well planned, and long in the making.

They have their hands in your holsters.

They, afterall, determine your mind set, your mood, your potential for anger. They record it however they wish. They decide if you are a Good Boy; or a Bad Boy. Or Girl, as the case may be.

Also I’ll go way out on a very thin limb and say that psychiatrists are – generally speaking – surer, more confident, better trained and better equipped to handle psychoses and disorders and grief than are their sort of related, seemingly less well trained psychologist brothers and sisters.

True, too many psychiatrists are schooled in the Rockefeller-based medical concept that DRUGS ARE GOOD!

No they are not. Just look at the drug history of most of your shooters. Drugs are a topic for a different article but let’s note that there is a THIRTY PERCENT increase in the likelihood of suicide in those taking the psychotropic drugs. And a whole bunch of vets DO NOT WANT to be drugged, Same goes for cops and firefighters. But nobody listens.

Currently there are something like 20 vet suicides each day.

From a CBS article May 8, 2019 Veterans can talk with a trained counselor through the Veterans Crisis Line. Dial 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 to talk to someone, or send a text …

Only problem is, if you do they may come and haul your sorry butt away. FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, you understand. It is a real rock and a hard place gamble.

As an example, it’s sort of okay if you say you have suicidal thoughts now and then but if you say, “On Thursday at 3:30 I am going to (fill in the blank) and I am going to (fill in the blank) and end my life forever”… Probably you won’t because probably before Thursday at 3:30 you’ll find yourself confined in an institution of their choice and drugged out of your mind.

There are other treatments, natural treatments, available, but not currently at any VA facility. Look up San Antonio’s Pain and Stress Center or other similar facilities.

Mandatory Reporting or Duty to Warn

Used to be that what you said to your psychiatrist, psychologist (now your Mental Health Professional) was sacrosanct, private. NOT ANYMORE!!

The following brief excerpts are from the National Conference of State Legislatures/Mental Health Professionals’ Duty To Warn

These listed are EXCEPTIONS to earlier privacy requirements:

Alaska: If there’s a clear and immediate probability of physical harm to the client, other individuals, or society. (2012)

Delaware: to the extent necessary in an emergency to protect the health or life of the patient from serious, imminent harm.” (2012)

Kentucky: the patient has communicated an actual threat of physical violence against a clearly or reasonably identified victim or if they have communicated a specific violent act…  (2002)

Massachusetts: a) the patient has communicated… an explicit threat to kill or inflict serious bodily injury upon a reasonably identified victim…

(b) the patient has a history of physical violence… (1999)

Mississippi: an actual threat of physical violence… (2006)

New Hampshire: the client or patient has communicated a serious threat of physical violence… (2013)

New York: a patient presents a serious and imminent danger to himself or others… (2013)

Oklahoma: the patient is a clear and present danger to himself or the patient has communicated an explicit threat to kill or inflict serious bodily injury… (2004)

Oregon: a clear and immediate danger to others or to society… (2011)

South Carolina: information about the patient is needed to prevent the patient from causing harm to himself or others. (1991)

Texas: there is a probability of imminent physical injury by the patient to the patient or others… (2005)

West Virginia: to protect against a clear and substantial danger of imminent injury by a patient or client to himself, herself or another. (2008)

More States and exceptions are listed in the link above. And these are dealing with Mandatory Reporting. These are not the Red Flag Laws.

Ponder this for a moment… Cops can’t do one blessed thing about stalkers until they strike. But here they can barge in and take over based on someone’s belief about what might happen…

And for all that, no one is doing anything about the severe vocal threats against Trump, the President: Blow up the White House, chop off his head, dismember him, punch him in the face, kill him… This is so out of whack on so many levels and at some point it will all come a cropping. I’m thinking it won’t be pretty.

What to Do

Get involved if you can: city, county, state, federal. Is there a Vet organization involved? (Don’t be too surprised if the answer to that is No.) Are you affiliated with a Second Amendment organization? Or a Gun Rights group? Is there a survival group with an area of interest in arms protection?

Register to vote and actually study your candidates. If you cannot get involved, how about ponying up some money for those who do? Most of the good guys don’t get federal aid (or support from George Soros). Your contributions could make someone’s day, might even save a life. Give it a try.

For God and Country. For All of You.

God Bless the USA” Lee Greenwood 4 min

Ronnie Herne (c) 2019