VACCINES? Are you nuts??

Bill Gates and Tony Fauci can have my share!

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Vaccines.  Go find Mike Adams of  He’ll give you an earful!  Or any of the anti-vaxxers out there if you can still find any of them on the Net.

I wouldn’t touch that poisonous garbage.  The mRNA vaccines everybody is whooping about are meant to genetically alter you, change your own genetic material. How dangerous is that, do you think?

The little “m” means “messenger”.  And the little “m” then takes the virus genetic material “RNA” by the hand and attaches it to your genetic material.  And voila! You are now genetically modified just like those GMO foods that most of you who read this know to avoid.

What effect will this have on your immune system?  Your fertility?  Your placenta formation?  Your disease susceptibilities?  Your hormones?  Your central nervous system?  Your eyes?  Your brain?  Your life expectancy?

Read on for some of the awful side effects presented in Michelle Malkin’s linked article below.

Michelle Malkin in her excellent December 9, 2020 COVIDGATE, Part 3 article lists certain side effects that are NOT being given much press but that I am glad to share with you right here:  From her article (with my accompanying brackets) …

“…did you know that the FDA’s draft list of ” “adverse event outcomes” for COVID-19 vaccines includes: stroke, convulsions/seizures, transverse myelitis [spinal cord inflammation with possible muscle loss and incontinence}, encephalitis [brain inflammation, varying symptoms], narcolepsy [sudden uncontrollable episodes of deep sleep]  and cataplexy [loss of muscle tone and strength] ; acute myocardial infarction; autoimmune disease;

Kawasaki disease [an inflammation of blood vessels primarily in young children, with varying symptoms: fever, rash, swollen glands, heart complications], Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in children, arthritis and joint pain; myocarditis/pericarditis [heart inflammations], venous thromboembolism [the blocking of a blood vessel by a clot broken from somewhere else], other acute demyelinating [nervous system degeneration] diseases, and death?”

But HEY!  It’s for your own good……  And you’re doing it to protect others…  You know what……?  God didn’t put me here on earth to “protect others”.  (Well, maybe when I was in the military but that was a long time ago.)

If you think a vaccine will “protect” you then you go be a useful idiot and get your jabs.  (Wonderful medical term, that.)  And while you are doing that, remember that the vaccine companies are immune to lawsuits – no matter what happens to your sorry butt.

And if you get “protected” with your jabs, then you shouldn’t give one flying fig if nobody else gets jabbed because you’re safeRight?  Isn’t that what they tell you?  Isn’t that what you believe? 

Then don’t harp at me or mine about following suit!  Lemmings go off the cliff mindlessly following a leader.  Folks I know don’t.

Oh, and get your flu shots.  And your pneumonia shot.  And your HPV shot.  And your measles shot.  And your shingles shot.  Maybe you’ll  live forever!  And then again maybe not…  Jes sayin……

They mean to GMO you.  And track you with identifiable injectable chips.  And require Vaccine Papers.  Not good.  Actually, very bad.

I hear that half the U.S. population already is nixing the idea of taking these “jabs”  Of course, should these poisons be required to fly, to go to school, to go to work, to go shopping or dining……….

Well, some enterprising American will come up with a working “false” ID and even something to defeat the scanners looking to confirm those embedded chips in your body.

As a compatriot quite irreverently said, “You want to shoot ME?  I want to shoot YOU.”  What did he mean?