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DO NOT let your Muslim/Islam guard down during the joy of our wondrous Spirit of Christmas.  Let’s unwrap a few words from Islam.

Top of the list, one of my “this-explains-everything” favorites, is taquia, or taquya.  It’s concept is from the Koran/Quran.  It translates loosely as, “Tell the pig-faced infidels any lie you want, at any time you want, about anything you want if it furthers the pursuit of Allah.”  Got that?

Yes, you’re a pig, an infidel, a kuffar – and lying to you is a Muslim’s sworn duty in the promotion of Allah, and in the pursuit of the global Muslim sharia theocracy (government based on religiously held beliefs).

Abdul el Sayed and wife, Michigan.

  It means that no matter how warm their smiles, how genuine their handshakes, how western their dress, if they are a Muslim their first and only duty is to Allah and you can be damned – which they will happily pursue to its headless end given any chance.

By dint of taquia you cannot trust a word they say; a treaty they sign; a pledge they make; and certainly not a Pledge of Allegiance to a non-Muslim infidel corrupt western country.

Which brings us to al wala al barra (Thanks to Sebastian Gorka):  Here we have the ABSOLUTE requirement that a Muslim can never be loyal to a non-Muslim government and that if he does not or cannot leave that way of life, then his only choice is to subvert and destroy it


Notice the number of Muslims in America running successfully for office, and securing government appointments.  Notice the push for Sharia law.  Notice the push to promote the hijab head cover.  Notice the tenets of Islam being taught in public schools.  Notice the government/military exemptions granted to Muslims’ dress and beards.  (Notice that gruesome Muslim female genital mutilation is on a precipitous upswing in the U.S.)

Catch this 4 minute sample of Muslim  Somalians in Minneapolis.

This is a global plan to create a global caliphate, a Muslim sharia theocracy encompassing the entire world.  And high birthrates are part of this plan, here and elsewhere.  It is called Civilizational Jihad…. taking over from within.  And they are well on their way. 

In England the most prominent boy’s name is Muhammad.  Got that?  Worldwide there are an estimated 1,800,000,000 Muslims and that number is expected to grow rapidly.

Put taquia next to al wala al barra and you have in the simplest English, literally:  Anti-American MUSLIM LIES AND SUBVERSION, ALL IN THE NAME OF ALLAH. 

So… next to your  Merry Christmas!  remember the first tenet of Islam “There is but one God; Allah is his name…”  And all Muslims – not just radical Muslims – must subscribe to this or be worthy only of an apostate’s death, and jahannam – hell.

Be of Good Cheer!  Just don’t be stupid.