Muslim JIHAD by TAQUIYYA — Virtuous Lying Is Soooo Easy…

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JIHAD (jee’-hahd) has a couple definitions. The one used here is “the Qu’ran-decreed struggle to establish the worldwide Muslim Caliphate in Allah’s honor” 

Caliphate is the Muslim word for total world dominance by the Islam religion over all other religions and peoples, led by a Caliph (khalif) for the honor of Allah.  Or more simply: the Muslim One World Order. 

Non-believers beware, be taxed, beheaded.

There are many faces, many facets and styles to Jihad.

To Demonstrate the Difference – A Picture is worth a Thousand Words…

Muslim Jihad by TERROR


Muslim Jihad by TAQUIYYA

Abdul El-Sayed and his wife Sarah Jukaku, educated smiling Michigan Muslim activists

It should perhaps be a requirement that all articles dealing with Islam start with a definition of “taquiyya” (taquia, taquiya). (tah-key’-yah).  This is a collection of Koran (Qu’ran) edicts that allows – sometimes requires – Muslims to lie straight-faced or smiling to non-believers in any area that promotes the spread of Allah and the World Muslim Caliphate (the One World Islam Order).









New Congresswomen Ilhan Omar (L) (Minnesota-05) and Rashida Tlaib (Michigan-13) did NOT swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution on the Holy Bible. No. They swore it on the Koran. But with taquiyya, it really doesn’t matter either way. It’s a smiling lie either way.

NOTE: Muslims cannot swear Allegiance to the United States of America. No, their ONLY allegiance can be to Allah, Islam, and the Caliphate as ordained by their Prophet Muhammad in the late 600s. And when they smile and tell you differently, well, that then is a perfect example of taquiyya…..

Taquiyya is where the Muslim ends justify the lying means – all for Allah.

Unfortunately for us, their noses do not grow each time they deceive with taquiyya. And their warm smiles and sincere handshakes are utterly meaningless. You are a kafir, an infidel, a non-believer in Allah and are worth less than the grass they walk on – which is a great analogy for what they are doing to and with you.


Now, swearing on the Koran was for show, an “in your face, Non-Believers!” display of their religion over ours (which like whipped little puppies we just take). I mean, who cares if we disrespect OUR Bible and OUR traditions as long as the unassimilated aren’t inconvenienced?

And who cares if a two hundred year tradition of uncovered heads in Congress is set aside so Somali-refugee Ilhan Omar is comfortable? Aren’t those hijabs (hee’-jahbs) so cute and colorful? And here I thought they were required to be black.

Do you shampoo daily if you wear the hijab?

And wasn’t it Rashida Tlaib (Michigan-13) herself in the warmest, best of Muslim-Palestinian-American outreach who said of our PRESIDENT TRUMP shortly upon her being sworn in – “We’re gonna go in there and we’re going to impeach the Mother F**k*r!”

Welcome to the Land of the Free and the burgeoning Home of the Imperial Muslim.

But I digress… Muslims cannot support the non-Muslim government of the United States (or any other non-Muslim entity) because that would make them apostates by al wala al barra which forbids it: They would become fallen-away Muslims, unfaithful Muslims, worthy of death – very very bad people!

And we all must accept that Muslims are very very good people, and peaceful… as long as it isn’t your neck they’re visualizing in the swing of that scimitar, or your female parts in the path of that broken glass.

Ronnie Herne (c) 2019