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 In previous issues I gave information on the number of Muslims running for elected offices. Since Muslims tend to group in locations they naturally win a large portion of the elected positions.  Of course school committees are sought after as that will influence the up and coming children.

The problem is not prejudice against Muslims per se.  Even if a Muslim would rather not adhere to Sharia Law they are open to coercion because they know they and their family will suffer the penalties prescribed by Sharia Law of beheading or worse.

Excellent information is available from individuals previously under Sharia and are now risking their lives to stop it from becoming law in the United States.  Examples include Brigitte Gabriel : Religion of Peace- A Brief History of Islam – #islam #religionofpeace  &  Amil Imani Soft Jihad Islamizing our Schools.

In case you think our Constitution can stop Muslim Sharia Law through the Supreme Court remember Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, at an Ohio State symposium honoring her 15 years on the bench, argued that “the Supreme Court is losing its relevance in the international community in failing to use international law as persuasive authority.” Justice Ginsburg Defends Using Foreign Courts as Persuasive

Below is just the tip of the iceberg in the plan to create Jihad  ( converting the United States into a Muslim run country with Sharia Law ).  Have you checked the schools in your state? Do any of you grandparents have time in your busy schedules to monitor your grandkids’ schools?


                        Its Already Happening In Our Public Schools  


Pembroke Pines Charter High School, Florida
Richwoods High School, Peoria, Illinois
12 Corners Middle School, Rochester, NY






Pictures and World Hijab Day info courtesy Christian Action Network, PO Box 606, Forest, Virginia  1-888-499-4226

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