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DO NOT let your Muslim/Islam guard down during the joy of our wondrous Spirit of Christmas. Let’s unwrap a few words from Islam.

Top of the list, one of my “this-explains-everything” favorites, is taquia, or taquya. It’s concept is from the Koran/Quran. It translates loosely as, “Tell the pig-faced infidels any lie you want, at any time you want, about anything you want if it furthers the pursuit of Allah.Got that?

Yes, you’re a pig, an infidel, a kuffar – and lying to you is a Muslim’s sworn duty in the promotion of Allah, and in the pursuit of the global Muslim sharia theocracy (government based on religiously held beliefs).

[caption id="attachment_179" align="alignleft" width="200"] Abdul el Sayed and wife, Michigan.[/caption]

It means that no matter how warm their smiles, how genuine their handshakes, how western their dress, if they are a Muslim their first and only duty is to Allah and you can be damned – which they will happily pursue to its headless end given any chance.

By dint of taquia you cannot trust a word they say; a treaty they sign; a pledge they make; and certainly not a Pledge of Allegiance to a non-Muslim infidel corrupt western country.

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