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They Protect Us – Who Protects Them?
The politicians of our nation have so messed this country up, but the military is still our military. Or is it? Why do our Armed Forces exist? To protect the United States of America? One would think so. But there are politicians in both parties who think our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen are there for something else – to carry out the agenda of the United Nations!
What’s wrong with that? Where does one start? First and foremost, the problem is that if we allow even a portion of our military to be controlled by any foreign power, then to that precise extent, we are no longer sovereign and we are that vulnerable to attack from any quarter, in any way, when our defenses are compromised.

Second, and as important, the U.N. is not the U.S. We did not elect them, we cannot impeach them, and yet we have to support them with our tax dollars. If we let them take even a smidgeon of control over our military, then they will eventually own us. Not acceptable. Why should we allow ourselves to be governed by a motley crew of socialists, petty dictators and greedy welfare nations who want nothing more than to (continue to) plunder the American taxpayer?
Well, then, why should they have any control over our military and its actions? Only a nation bent upon national suicide would allow another power to control their military forces. Is that what the politicians want? You think it through – that’s what they are asking for when they push for military alliances which are outside the scope of the Constitution, when presidents involve us in war-making without congressional approval, etc.

Does America have no will to survive? If we continue in this direction, then we shall not survive as a sovereign nation. The Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2015 is a modest little stumbling block on the road to a New World Order. It will check the ability of renegade politicians who attempt to turn our troops into mercenaries, against their will. It will prevent the forced military service under the United Nations (or other international agencies) without the permission of the soldier. It won’t prevent volunteers from going on those missions – we seem to always have enough people who are looking for action and adventure and glory, but the very idea, that you can force an American citizen-soldier to serve under a foreign power, not only constitutes Involuntary Servitude, but it borders on Treason!
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From the jaws of recorded history come 1400 years of searing and brutal tales of vicious conquests, preemptory unprovoked invasions, chronicled cannibalism, gang rapes and violent pillaging, pedophilia, tyranny of the worst and most vile sort, and a caste system to rival any.
It is time to take the Bull of Islam by the Horns and call it out for what it is.
Disturbing, tellling quote from Amil ImaniThere is no such thing as ‘radical Islam.’ I have refused to accept several organizations that seek to combat or expose the antics of ‘radical’ or ‘extreme’ Islam, because I know that it is not extremism that is causing the violence…it’s mainstream, typical, normal, traditional, specified, canonical Islam. [emphasis added])


Making Allah the author of the Quran, I think, is the prime lie perpetrated on mankind for more than a millennium. We can, with certainty, say that it was not even Muhammad alone who authored the Qur’an. In fact, the major part of the Qur’an was either composed by or inspired and written by a few other individuals.” [emphasis added.]


Abul Kasem at lists at least 15 people instrumental in compiling the Quran (Koran).

Taqlid (or taqleed): Taqlid is the firm unshakeable belief that Allah is the One God. Mohammad was his prophet. The Quran (and the Hadith and Sira) are eternal and perfect. No questions will be entertained. It will always be as it has always been. Masha Allah. (God has willed it).


Generally taqlid means that Islam cannot be reformed or changed or improved or altered. It is perfect as is. Ponder that as you ponder beheadings.


There are nuances in taqlid certainly.. Some special people are more knowledgeable and are to be followed but there are many and confusing exceptions if they put out contradictory statements.


The Quran on Violence: Excerpts —

[caption id="attachment_651" align="alignleft" width="150"] Qu’ran[/caption]
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Here’s another clip from the site The Religion of Peace. These are the stats on global Muslim violence in just the last 30 days: “During this time period, there were 169 Islamic attacks in 24 countries, in which 1033 people were killed and 1318 injured.”
So, shall we join a beheading in progress? Religiously it is preferred that they start with the front of the neck in order to release large quantities of blood, praying to Allah, while then using a sharp blade and brute force to shatter bones that get in the way.
Here and Here and Here are Muslim beheading videos from the Net. I do not recommend watching these if you enjoy sleeping the sleep of bliss or if you are a Snowflake… And I seriously recommend AGAINST watching any of these if you have PTSD.
The middle link is to Walid Shoebat’s site. Walid is a converted Christian Palestinian Arab who has lots more moxy than I do. With his intent and intense ongoing war against Islam I find it hard to believe that he still walks this earth.
His site is always pro-Christian. And his site is often graphic, or horrific, if you prefer, as he chronicles the gut wrenching, vicious, brutal, barbaric attacks of Muslims against others.
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What happened to an American decorated soldier who refused to remove his U.S. uniform, don the UN uniform/insignias, and serve under a foreign country’s commander??

By Daniel New March 10, 2015


Twenty years ago this year, a young soldier in the US Army, stationed in Germany, was given an unlawful order to wear an unauthorized United Nations uniform, to report to duty to a foreign military officer, and to deploy to Macedonia on a “peacekeeping mission” where he stood a good chance of having to fight, bleed or die for the United Nations. He respectfully declined the “honor”, stating to his officers that he did not take an oath to the United Nations, that he was a soldier in the U.S. Army, and that he had no contract with the United Nations. Without judgment on those who chose to volunteer, Army SPC4 Michael New requested a transfer to any other unit, anywhere in the world, in a US Army uniform under US Army officers. A free citizen cannot be forced to serve a foreign power.


SPC New was told he had to obey orders without question. To make a long story short, on October 10, 1995, he deliberately disobeyed the order, showing up in formation wearing an authorized Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) with a US flag on his right shoulder instead of the UN patch worn by the other 549 soldiers. He was promptly arrested and removed from formation, and consequently court-martialed. In the court-martial that followed, SPC New was prepared to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that:


1. The order to deploy was illegal, for President Clinton lied to Congress about the legal basis of the order;
2. The uniform was unauthorized according to Army regulations governing what constitutes a Battle Dress Uniform;
3. The Constitution specifically forbids American troops from receiving an income (or “emoliument”) from any other government;
4. The chain of command was unconstitutional, with a general from Finland in charge of U.S. troops in a situation where Congress had not authorized it.

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