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They Protect Us – Who Protects Them?

The politicians of our nation have so messed this country up, but the military is still our military. Or is it? Why do our Armed Forces exist? To protect the United States of America? One would think so. But there are politicians in both parties who think our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen are there for something else – to carry out the agenda of the United Nations!

What’s wrong with that? Where does one start? First and foremost, the problem is that if we allow even a portion of our military to be controlled by any foreign power, then to that precise extent, we are no longer sovereign and we are that vulnerable to attack from any quarter, in any way, when our defenses are compromised.

 Second, and as important, the U.N. is not the U.S. We did not elect them, we cannot impeach them, and yet we have to support them with our tax dollars. If we let them take even a smidgeon of control over our military, then they will eventually own us. Not acceptable. Why should we allow ourselves to be governed by a motley crew of socialists, petty dictators and greedy welfare nations who want nothing more than to (continue to) plunder the American taxpayer?

Well, then, why should they have any control over our military and its actions? Only a nation bent upon national suicide would allow another power to control their military forces. Is that what the politicians want? You think it through – that’s what they are asking for when they push for military alliances which are outside the scope of the Constitution, when presidents involve us in war-making without congressional approval, etc.

 Does America have no will to survive? If we continue in this direction, then we shall not survive as a sovereign nation. The Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2015 is a modest little stumbling block on the road to a New World Order. It will check the ability of renegade politicians who attempt to turn our troops into mercenaries, against their will. It will prevent the forced military service under the United Nations (or other international agencies) without the permission of the soldier. It won’t prevent volunteers from going on those missions – we seem to always have enough people who are looking for action and adventure and glory, but the very idea, that you can force an American citizen-soldier to serve under a foreign power, not only constitutes Involuntary Servitude, but it borders on Treason!

The Founding Fathers understood that power corrupts, and they intended to bind down the president with the shackles of a Constitution. That is why only Congress can raise taxes, and only Congress can declare war. Any person who serves in a war not authorized by Congress, with a lawful Declaration of War, has been an unwilling mercenary. These “multi-nation alliances” are nothing new – the kings of Europe did it all the time, sending their archers and infantry to help one king against another. It was called “feudalism” — and it runs contrary to the concept of a Free People who are governed by a constitution that draws it power from the People.

Presidents who rely upon Executive Orders (which they then classify so we can’t read them!), or who base their authority on resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council, ought to be impeached for treason. Sure, we would love the opportunity to have a national referendum to get us out of the United Nations, but we know that will never happen. In the meantime, American troops are fighting, bleeding, dying in “military actions” which are called everything but a war.

You can call it what you like, but common sense defines that as a War. If we can appeal to congressmen on the basis that they have had their power to declare war taken away from them, maybe we can show them a path for taking that lawful authority back, bit by bit. After all, that’s the way they lost it – bit by bit.

Every congressman ought to want to have that power taken away from the White House and put back where it belongs, and this small bill is a step in that direction. We invite you to help make this happen. Here are some things you can do:

  • Sign the on-line petition, or get a hard copy and sign it and mail it to us.
  • Write a letter to your Representative and to at least one of your Senators, and ask them to sign on as co-sponsors of the CSPA15.
  • Tell every military person you know about this effort.
  • “LIKE” us on Facebook, and recommend us to your friends.
  • Ask five or more friends to sign the petition and write to their congressmen. (You can download your own petitions here.) (A written letter to a congressman is more effective than a thousand e-mails.)
  • Send a small donation, if you like this idea, so we can spread this message far and wide.