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What happened to an American decorated soldier who refused to remove his U.S. uniform, don the UN uniform/insignias, and serve under a foreign country’s commander??

By Daniel New   March 10, 2015

Twenty years ago this year, a young soldier in the US Army, stationed in Germany, was given an unlawful order to wear an unauthorized United Nations uniform, to report to duty to a foreign military officer, and to deploy to Macedonia on a “peacekeeping mission” where he stood a good chance of having to fight, bleed or die for the United Nations.


  He respectfully declined the “honor”, stating to his officers that he did not take an oath to the United Nations, that he was a soldier in the U.S. Army, and that he had no contract with the United Nations. Without judgment on those who chose to volunteer, Army SPC4 Michael New requested a transfer to any other unit, anywhere in the world, in a US Army uniform under US Army officers.

A free citizen cannot be forced to serve a foreign power.


  SPC New was told he had to obey orders without question. To make a long story short, on October 10, 1995, he deliberately disobeyed the order, showing up in formation wearing an authorized Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) with a US flag on his right shoulder instead of the UN patch worn by the other 549 soldiers.

He was promptly arrested and removed from formation, and consequently court-martialed. In the court-martial that followed, SPC New was prepared to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that:

1. The order to deploy was illegal, for President Clinton lied to Congress about the legal basis of the order;
2. The uniform was unauthorized according to Army regulations governing what constitutes a Battle Dress Uniform;
3. The Constitution specifically forbids American troops from receiving an income (or “emolument”) from any other government;
4. The chain of command was unconstitutional, with a general from Finland in charge of U.S. troops in a situation where Congress had not authorized it.

The Army was in a quandary. Breaking the law in several ways, the court-martial had “command influence” direct from the White House and the Pentagon. When the day came, they did the only thing they could do, if they hoped to win – they denied SPC New the right to present ANY evidence in his own defense!

The judge informed the panel (“jury”),  “Gentlemen, you will not see any evidence in this case because I have decided that the order was lawful. You will restrict yourself to one question – ‘Did this soldier obey the order he was given, or not?'” Under those parameters, his own mother would have to vote guilty!

Of course he disobeyed the order! The entire question was why.

The panel did not give the Army the Dishonorable Discharge they wanted in this show trial. The gave him a Bad Conduct Discharge, which means he lost all privileges, but would serve no time. And thus SPC New, 22 year old medic who had served with honor and with distinction, who was preparing to make the Army his career, became the only American in history to be convicted of the crime of wanting to serve his own country!

The legal basis claimed for the order was an executive order, “Presidential Decision Directive 25”, which Bill Clinton classified so that not even Congress was allowed to see it for a dozen years after it was declared. “Just take my word for it,” was the attitude of the Clinton Regime.

When the court-martial judge ordered that the Army give that document to SPC New’s attorneys, they said they would, but they did not. The trial was flawed in several respects.

The tragedy of a ruined career is a minor thing in the course of the history of a country. A stain on the reputation of a good soldier is a common occurrence, as injustices abound. What’s grievous about this case is that every member of the US military may now be forced to serve under the United Nations, without any Constitutional authority, and without any Congressional authority, but on the basis of a secret order from a president who had total contempt for the very document he swore to uphold and defend.

This is nothing short of a coup d’etat, reducing the US military to a military unit in the larger world-wide United Nations military, required to serve at the beck and call of the US Security Council, rather than at the call of duty as defined and issued by Congress. This is a severing of the taproot of U.S. sovereignty.

At what point did the USA become a client state under the military command and control of the United Nations? It does not matter that we are the most influential country in the world, and we can usually dictate policy to the U.N. It is a matter of principle that we are either a free and sovereign nation, or we are not. If we are not, then there are many Americans who are not going to be happy when that is explained to them.

VP Al Gore once told the grieving parents of a young soldier killed while on a UN deployment, “You can be proud that he died in service to the United Nations.” These are words no American should be proud to hear.

For that reason, we propose a model bill which can be introduced into any state legislature, which will clearly define how that State views our relationship to the United Nations, and which places severe restrictions on any presumed authority the United Nations might have over its citizens. Find that bill here.

We also propose a model ordinance which can be introduced into any municipality or county or parish, to declare your community a “UN-free Zone”.
Click here.

We also propose a model bill for the US Congress to consider, called the Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2015. We do not have a sponsor, but perhaps you can help us get your senator and representative in Congress to become the first. You can find it here.

So there you have it – there IS a solution to the threats to our national sovereignty and you can fight it at the national level, at the state level, or at the local level, as you prefer. Note: none of these bills calls for getting the USA out of the United Nations, which is our eventual goal. These are incremental steps, designed to help generate public opinion against the treason of 65 years of politicians gradually giving away our sovereignty in increments, and getting away with it.

In the end, we must win first in the Court of Public Opinion. These approaches will each have an impact upon that all-important forum – the “Will of the The People”.

We hope you’ll join us, at the level which interests you most. Let us provide you with the proposed ordinance for your town or your State – we’ll fill in the blanks and send it to you, upon request. Many of you have asked how you can help. Now you know.

Daniel New
Project Manager
Michael New Action Forum
P.O. Box 100
Iredell, Texas 76649

© 2015 Daniel New – All Rights Reserved

Daniel New is the Project Manager of the Michael New Action Fund, a legal and educational effort to help raise awareness of what is being done to our nation, our military, and our sovereignty.

E-mail: ddnew@danielnew.com

Websites: www.MikeNew.com