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Like many of you I have, in my mind, gone over the term limits issue many many times. I have discussed with myself the legislators at state and federal level I have followed for years who have a consistent ‘equal to all’ Constitutional application to their legislative voting . I do not want to lose them. I have also discussed with myself the state and federal legislators who time and again vote for special groups in a most grievous unConstitutional manner. ( If you check it out you will almost certainly find they went into office on a middle class income and after a few years become millionaires. ) Once again I pondered ‘ how do I get rid of the obviously corrupt legislators and keep those trying to preserve our equal justice Constitution ‘ ? This time, probably because of our present obvious politically motivated actions in Congress, I thought ‘wait a minute…. who actually caused this disruptive destructive problem in our country’ ?? Is it the elected politician or the elected/appointed judge? Wait… who gave these people the power to disregard our Constitution and the wishes of their constituents?