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Like many of you I have, in my mind, gone over the term limits issue many many times.

I have discussed with myself the legislators at state and federal level I have followed for years who have a consistent ‘equal to all’ Constitutional application to their legislative voting . I do not want to lose them. I have also discussed with myself the state and federal legislators who time and again vote for special groups in a most grievous unConstitutional manner. ( If you check it out you will almost certainly find they went into office on a middle class income and after a few years become millionaires. )

Once again I pondered ‘ how do I get rid of the obviously corrupt legislators and keep those trying to preserve our equal justice Constitution ‘ ? This time, probably because of our present obvious politically motivated actions in Congress, I thought ‘wait a minute…. who actually caused this disruptive destructive problem in our country’ ??

Is it the elected politician or the elected/appointed judge? Wait… who gave these people the power to disregard our Constitution and the wishes of their constituents?

Remember when people would not have thought to suggest heinous crimes against some one, particularly our President? Remember when vulgar language was usually not used in public let alone on the airwaves or the movies? Remember when people tried to follow the Golden Rule ( Do unto others as you would have them do unto you ), and the Ten Commandments ( including ‘ Thou shall not steal ‘)?

Remember Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem to his son called ‘ IF ‘ linked here.  This is an excerpt: “ If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; …. Yours is the earth and …. And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!” ?

When did we start advocating physically disabling a competing sports figure? or ruining a competing college students project? When did we start approving all abortions for all women and not just those in special situations?

Yes, I have finally figured out the simple truth …… we have the unruly, no conscience , unConstitutional, bribery ridden, ignorant, lazy, and, some times pedophile legislatures we have because WE ELECT THEM!

Now then, why have we elected them?

Main reasons:

1. We try to check them out and believe they will be honest and knowledgeable.

2. We are lazy and follow advice from someone else ( then we can blame them ).

3. We are too busy doing everything except seeing the difference when they speak utopian non-specific words, and what they actually have done. You know, when they tell you each election how they will/have put in legislation to give you all those goodies but nothing ever really changes.

4. When they do something special for just you … you know, maybe they helped you get something like your social security straightened out ( you do know you pay for the people they have actually do that work, right!)

5.. They pull strings and get you something you didn’t earn or get you out of a jam when you tried to pull a fast one.

I want to keep our honorable Constitutional legislatures therefore my decision is simple …..


JB >>>>>>>>