The CON of the “Con – Con”

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( THE Con-Con IS a CON )

“Stop the ‘Constitutional Convention'” is not just an idle statement.  It is even sarcastically nicknamed ‘CON-CON’ for surely it is a ‘CON’ in the most tyrannical sense.

Oh ‘No’ many laugh, it could not happen.  After all they say, ‘ It is the basis of our country, our law of protection for the people ‘.

Is it really?  When is the last time you took a few minutes to read the Constitution and it’s promises to all Americans?  Written in easy up-front English, though I will admit you need to be aware of the punctuation, you will quickly see how the establishment deep state with its established employees has usurped power from the people. For your convenience, the Constitution is provided in the above blue navigation bar under ‘ Red White and Blue ‘ along with other American basic documents.

These very documents set Americans apart as the luckiest and most envied people in the world.  Why? Because our founders came from ‘caste’ driven lands controlled by Monarchs who dominated not only everyone’s life but also death.  Our Constitution was founded to save the people of America from political control and set the limit of government day-to-day control over the people. Our founders proclaimed people should be treated equally with equal opportunity and not as under the ‘caste system ‘ where they had come from.

Surely you have seen where our lives are more and more controlled every time the government, be it city-county-state-federal, sits in session.  Most of the time you do not even know when these oppressive new rules are put in place until you or some one you know is affected.  At this point it is too late for redress unless you have money, and time, for years of litigation.

How did all these rules of control happen?  Two main reasons.  1. We have not held our representatives to their oath of office. That oath is required by Constitution Article VI: “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation to support this Constitution;”

Instead we allowed our representatives to make laws, unbeknown to us, that are totally unconstitutional.  We do not even require them to let us know of these new controls during discussion time.  We pick representative who tell us stories about what they are ‘going to do’ or ‘ tried to do’, and we pretend to believe them.  Mostly we do not look to see if they have fulfilled their promises, or told us lies.  We do not even question them to see if THEY read the new laws rather than to do as Nancy Pelosi demanded pertinent to the President Obama Health Care Bill ‘ You have to vote for it to see what is in it’.

Next – Our representatives, all throughout government, have changed our system of government from a Republic ( representative ) to an Administrative government. Simply stated that means the establishment’s government workers, totally out of our control area, establish rules as directed by the deep seated power establishment.  (See SES…?  What…? article.) This pertains to all areas from land control, school curriculum, health care, mandatory vaccines, illegal aliens being allowed to vote, sanctuary cities-counties-states where illegals are protected from our laws, to the United Nations trying to demand we follow their laws and rulings including allowing all illegal immigrants entrance to our country, etc,  etc.

Now to the Constitutional Convention. If you know that what I have said is true but wonder at the connection I will list just a tip of the iceberg regarding how our representatives have taken away our liberties AND have no regard for keeping our Constitution as is:

  • Our Constitution lays out 3 branches of government and the specific powers of each so a balance of power may be kept between them.  One party in Congress is now demanding, with threat of imprisonment, oversight & control of the Executive branch.

  • It is illegal, according to Congressional law, for Grand Jury testimony to be known outside of the Grand Jury. This was established so case information could be gathered, people could testify without fear of retaliation, and to protect those whose names incidentally and peripherally were mentioned, but had no actual connection to the issue, from becoming embroiled in the legal situation. Now the political party in control of the House, the Democrats, is demanding 100 % of all Grand Jury testimony be given to them.

  • Oregon legislators just established a rent control bill that controls rental property owners’ prices but exempts those who have rental buildings less than 15 years old.

  • Oregon Senators have voted to change Oregonians’ voting power from Constitutional representation to a Popular Vote controlled by the major cities of the US. without notifying the people.  The coalition of states joining this action is growing .

  • Two Judges on the US Supreme Court have multiple times stated they regard UN International Law to supersede our Constitutional Law.

  • There are Judges in the US that have allowed the Muslim Koran Sharia Law to be imposed on some US citizens. .

  • Two newly elected US Congress women took their oath of office not to the Constitution but rather on the Koran which states the Koran law ( Sharia Law ) is superior to all and must be followed.

  • Congress changed its In-Session rules so Muslim women can wear headdress and follow their oath to the Koran Sharia Law.

  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has stated emphatically that Congress must take control of the Executive branch so we can follow our Democracy.

    We are a Republic with people voting for their Representatives who, upon oath, are to follow our Constitution, not a Democracy where the majority’s rules control the minority.

  • Several states have a ‘rain tax’ law which is gaining popularity among additional states.

These examples are not even the tip of the iceberg in unconstitutional actions by our Legislators.

The last and ONLY other U.S. Con-Con. Where the Articles of Confederation were radically changed into the U.S. Constitution.

Do you seriously, honestly believe that if our legislators get together to revamp our Constitution that they will follow limited rules?  Or do you understand they will put us in a One World Order dominated by a majority of power hungry people declaring ‘caste systems’ for all of us determined on how well we bow and follow their every order?