They Want US To Be A Subservient ‘Nation State’

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UN Global Planning Meeting

The United Nations was established October 24, 1945 by a war-torn weary world. Their purpose was to be establishing a world of peace through mutual agreements. To create the simple goal they started with, they have created many many thousands of pages of rules, regulations, treaties, agreements, etc. which would govern every possible aspect of our lives: ie, education, transportation, immigration, finance, manufacturing, justice ….

Over 70 years later they obviously have not accomplished their ‘peace ‘ goal. In fact, under their ‘ One World Order ‘ supervision, the civilized ( ? ) world has never been more fractious.

 Our Constitution treats the individual with respect limiting the legal power of government to the ‘Rule of Law’ ( limiting government to the Constitution. ) Laws that do not conform to the Constitution are legally null and void from their inception.

The United Nations Charter declares our country a ‘Nation State’ and requires our country to vow allegiance first to the United Nations. AND what is a ‘Nation State’? Simply put it is a state within a nation and therefor is bound by the United Nations overall rules, regulations, etc. ( ie, The United Nations Charter )

We have provided you with the U.N. Charter that you may read it for yourselves…( it is approximately 45 pages under UN Documents in the blue bar up above there). You should especially note the article 40’s which require ‘Nation State ‘ military Chiefs of Staff to be under the control of the U.N. Security Council members.  If you disdain our Constitution and want leaders from other nations (including dictators, communists, etc) to make rules for your life you are a true ‘ One World Citizen.’

The good news is the United States has not signed onto all the UN Conventions ( Treaties ).  JB