Lye Soap & a Bleach Mixture

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Poison Ivy/Poison Oak

It has been stated that any cream or oil spreads the problem. Having tried them I believe that statement.

My personal experience has been as follows:

  1. When coming inside from the outdoors I ALWAYS wash my hands with Fels-Naptha lye soap ( usually found in the laundry section of your store ).  Remember, your pet may have been running through the patch responsible for your discomfort.
  2. All times of the year, except the dead of winter, I have a bottle in my bathroom with a mixture of 75% water and 25% Clorox. When I think ( or know ) an area has been infected I wipe the area with this solution. Sometimes this solution may need to be used again a little later, but I have not had an occurrence where this solution failed to solve my problem.

No, I have no problem or discomfort with this solution. ( No burning, etc.)  However, we are all different, so one should always gently test solutions with care.


End of article.