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Q:  Wonder why so much of your produce comes from across the world?

Q:  Why do your oranges taste green (like they were mixed with lemons) and come from Australia or Chile?

Q: Why do your very expensive avocados, often very green or over ripe, come from Peru?

Q: Why are California farmers bulldozing their established orchards?

Q: Why have our past governments been limiting water to California farmers and ranchers?

What are the two most important items to human beings and animals ? …. HOW ABOUT WATER AND FOOD !!

Rather than trying to explain this travesty against America I have found a video which says it much better than I ever could.  Between the EPA, overbearing Environmental Groups (NGO’s – Non-Governmental Organizations ), local governments, and all those administrative people who don’t have to worry about being re-elected, we humans are being sold out to the local endangered special type mosquito.

About a millions acres of productive land ( some of the most productive lands in the world ) have been taken out of use due to unnecessary lack of water. More acreage is coming out of production each year. All due to around 80% of the available water being saved for small ‘endangered’ smelt fish who are then in turn being eaten by ‘endangered’ striped bass and then the water goes to the ocean.

Link to the video https://youtu.be/VSrRyAYgw34 You will hear from JFK, then see the desolate land and the plight of the people who work the lands (both owners and employees)Around minute 14 – 16 you will see the special water ways built many years ago for the farms and ranches.

P.S. California is not the only site with this problem.  JB   π