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  ANTHEM SPECIAL — — Just in case you missed it this past Memorial Day weekend… 5-26-2019 — National Anthem played on the harmonica by WWII vet, 96 year old Pete DuPre preceding the U.S.Women’s soccer team match. Click here to see and listen. GOD BLESS AMERICA JB & Ronnie   POPULAR VOTE CRISIS   “President Trump acted to restore the question on the census—removed by the Obama Administration—asking if an individual is a U.S. Citizen. “Seventeen liberal states and seven leftest cities are suing the Trump Administration to cut the question. “And if they succeed – sanctuary cities will gain more seats in Congress, win more votes in the Electoral College [popular votes – added by JB] . and receive billions in federal benefits from U.S. Taxpayers to foreign citizens.“ Congressman JD Hayworth (RET) >>>>>>   PERMISSION TO KILL   In several US states legislation has been passed declaring the killing of newly born babies legal. The age of the baby varies from hours to days. Hillary Clinton actually stated approval of an abortion ( killing ) up to two weeks after birth. Question: Once it is deemed legal to kill a child, at what age will it become illegal? JB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>   RAIN TAX BEING IMPLEMENTED   At this time a few of the eastern states have implemented a ‘Rain Tax’.  The idea is being seriously viewed by multiple states across the country as a way to gain more state money. A rain tax is a tax, to be paid by the owner, on any area ( sq footage ) on the property that diverts rain from going directly into the ground ie: roofs of any buildings, asphalt or concreted areas such as roads-pools-play yards-tennis areas, etc., etc. Where is our ‘Constitutional’ protection regarding ‘equal protection under the (Continue Reading)