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republished from 2019 RED FLAG LAWS + P T S D = Path  To  Swift  Disarming I was seriously shocked to learn that SEVENTEEN States plus D.C. already have some form of Red Flag Laws on the books and four more are pending. I had no idea! Red Flag Laws are the Goody-Goody Two Shoes laws that permit family (and sometimes acquaintances) and/or the police and/or the courts to intervene when they believe that a gun owner is a threat to him/herself, or others, and may / will likely commit violence. The person may be involuntarily committed. The guns are removed. Gun purchases are forbidden. Removal of guns means ALL guns in and around the premises. This includes guns belonging to the “dangerous one”, plus the spouse’s hand gun, Grandpa’s hunting rifles, and Gramma’s shotgun. They are all put into police custody, maybe to be seen again. Maybe not. This is all done under the lovingly tender socialist umbrella of Mental Health. “I am from the government. I am here to help.” This very short two minute taped link is a feisty audio opinion on Mental Health and some of what it may mean to you. And what ever happened to our U.S. bedrock “Innocent until proven guilty”? The following are States already on board with some version of the Red Flag Laws. (These Laws are also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders and Gun Violence Restraining Orders.) Connecticut 1999, Indiana 2005, California 2014, Washington 2016, Oregon 2017. In 2018: Florida, Vermont, Maryland, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts, Illinois, District of Columbia. In 2019: New York, Colorado, Nevada, and Hawaii. (from Wikipedia) Pending: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and North Carolina. These enactments vary from state-to-state but, like the camel niggling its nose under the edge of the tent, these restrictions (Continue Reading)