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                   CHEMTRAIL RIDGE:    The View from My Place


Looking SOUTH

Chemtrails” are a popular name for the very visible effects/results of planned and managed Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying.  These spray trails have long been known to contain the debilitating toxic metals barium; aluminum and nano-aluminum; and strontium.

Nano, by the way, is 1/80,000 the diameter of a human hair.  Eeentsy, weentsy, tiny

Now, neuro-toxic means dangerous to, poisonous to, or deadly to your brain; your central nervous system and all it controls; your spinal cord; your nerve-muscle interchanges. Nano-aluminum is a neuro-toxin that easily crosses the blood brain barrier, lodging deeply inside the furrowed brain tissues (as well as in the rest of the body, ie, liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, heart, etc.)

Different Days. Different Chemtrails.

Also, for promoting electrically conductive ions and weather-manipulating mirroring effects in the “great up there”, throw in a bucket of silver and a smattering of gold – both being wildly active and excitable metals.

In recent years they’ve added zinc and cadmium (metals), and sulfur and selenium (non-metals) to these “clouds”.

Home on the Range: A cloudless day with the sun completely occluded by chemtrails, 

And here specifically in southwestern Oregon WE get lithium spray too  ’cause we must be special!  I hear this is a very localized spray test.  It is probably in its fourth year now.  The government can track lithium metal toxicity by tracking health complaints from local facilities.

Rush Limbaugh natters on about how man cannot control the weather and doesn’t dictate climate change.  Now, If he were referencing the net effects of hair spray, deodorants, fossil fuel use, and cow emissions he would be perfectly correct.  These do not impact weather or climate.

However men CAN control the weather – at least certain people can, certain governments, certain agencies, and increasingly, certain companies.

A new north-south chemtrail spreads while background chemical trails disperse into the atmosphere creating a whitish-blue sky.

Weather Wars.  Weather Weapons.  and  Fire Wars. Fire Weather. both present in simple terms the application of man’s unfeeling disruptive dangerous forays into climate meddling and climate control.  The chemtrails pictured here are a part of that broader picture.


“Just a little cloud with some smoke in its eye…….”

Dane Wigington has been chronicling this aerial spraying and weather manipulation for at least fifteen years,  His site is  The information and the pictures he has will upend several comfortable notions about the state of the earth and the potential state of your health.

The good news is millions have been awakened to this persistent, ongoing, and extraordinarily visible threat.




These three pictures are of haloes or sun dogs – different years, different colors.

Notice the variations in the backgrounds.  The top one is mostly blue, the middle one is heavily greyed, the third one has multiple stippled, striated trails, likely from being microwaved (heated and agitated) by HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) in Gakona Alaska.  See “Weather Wars” link above.

You can just notice the colors of the now-faded second ring around the sun from the picture directly above it.  These colors went from shockingly vivid to almost gone in about 88 seconds.


Does X mark the spot?

If only these were as innocent and fanciful as they look in this photo….


Because these guys live here too.


Ronnie Herne (c) 2019

All of these photos were taken with my little Canon PowerShot ELPH 150 IS