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Q:  Are the 100’s and 1000’s of people illegally trying to force their way into America coming here to embrace our traditions, culture, Constitution and laws? Or, are they coming here to change our culture and laws while taking the wealth of America that we have built up throughout the centuries?

If they want our way of life why do they break those very laws plus harm American protectors while waving their countries’ flags and shouting allegiance to their much more brutal culture?

What do they actually know about America other than we live much more comfortably than they have? Could it be they are simply interested in our money?

What was one of the first acts of two Muslim women just elected to Congress, our main governing body?

Answer – Swearing their oath of office on the Koran ( a foreign country’s political and cultural law – Sharia Law ) .

Why are so many Muslims who have come here insisting on being allowed to follow their brutal Sharia Law which believes in body mutilation as a punishment? Laws that also justify rape ( of both little boys and females ). And how about genital mutilation ( without a doctor or anesthetic ) of little girls?

In case you think I am being too harsh here is a little background :  1-2-2019:

Rashida Tlaib  “ Upon learning of her congressional victory, for which she was prepared as she ran unopposed in the general election, Tlaib covered her body in a Palestinian flag. Not an American flag. A Palestinian flag. In what is likely a historic first, a future member of U.S. Congress covered herself in the flag of a foreign people, not the American people who she will be sworn to represent. Just last week, Tlaib doubled-down on her allegiance to the Palestinians. She announced on Instagram that she would be wearing a Palestinian thobe, which is an embroidered dress that is of Bedouin origins but adopted and represented by Palestinians as their own .

“Back in October, Tlaib proudly displayed a tote bag from the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, formerly operating as the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. The bag displays the words “From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have to go,” and Tlaib captions the photos with the words “you can never take the activist out of me.” Tlaib has displayed this bag in at least two other Instagram posts.

“….  proudly displayed a tote bag from the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights,  ….  They are also known for supporting The Great Return March, a Hamas-organized attack on Israel to “tear down the border,” “tear their hearts from their bodies,” and  “KILL THE JEWS.” “

Additionally, you can go on the net and listen to people, such as Bridigett Gabriel, from these countries who came here legally to be proud ‘ Americans’ ie, part of the traditional American culture with our Constitution and laws. Her excellent video is “ Religion of Peace: A Brief History of Islam – Brigitte Gabriel    #islam #religionofpeace   

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