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James O’Keefe

  James O’Keefe is renowned for his  underground video exposures of corruption in many different U.S. agencies, both private NGO’s ( Non-Governmental Organizations ) and governmental.

VIDEO JUST IN:  Oregon Governor Kate Brown called out by ex-employee.  JB


One of Mr. O’Keefe’s 2009 videos showed  the non-profit ACORN ( Association of Community Organizations to Reform Now ) assisting a couple planning illegal activity. The video prompted our US Congress to stop taxpayer funding for the organization.
Additional Veritas videos have ranged from the IRS targeting of conservative groups such as the Tea Party to out-of-line teachers’ unions.

This link is to a 12 minute video where Mr. O’Keefe speaks of new videos they will start making public in a week or so. He states the subjects of the new videos will show government workers-administrators-academia-social services etc plus elected officials who are part of a ‘Deep State’ which have decided they will continue to run our country according to their Plan.

For your convenience, this is the link to Project Veritas.  

JUST IN:  Oregon Governor Kate Brown called out by ex-employee.   JB