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DID “EUNUCHS” GET YOUR ATTENTION ?  Have you noticed how many young boys all of a sudden start getting fat and hangy-breasted? And maybe they don’t smell so good? And some of them get skin infections and boils? And their personalities go to Hell, literally? Their studies fall off. Their social skills – which maybe weren’t much to begin with – shrink. To call them “surly” would be a compliment. They get sloppy, dirty, indifferent, unmanageable. “Just a phase he’s going through!” Really? From age 9 through 19? Is that it? Turning your boy into a eunuch is not just a phase. It is a global plan that is well along on its way – a plan to diminish or destroy sperm mobility and usefulness, manhood and masculinity, male strength and goals, creating snowflakes and pansies all along the way, while loudly maligning Toxic Masculinity (however that might be defined…)