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So What the Heck IS a TRILLION ??

Simple:  It’s a gazillion bazillions…….  ;-))   >>>>>>>>>>>>  Various media have been tossing around the “Trillion” numbers lately.  As we mere mortals do not have the capacity to just envision off hand the actual worth of a “trillion”, the numbers become happenstance and meaningless.  I mean, we get – and easily – the value, or worth, or size of a million pebbles, or a million mattresses, or feathers, or rubies, and of course a million dollars.  We can grasp the concept of a “Million”. Billions get trickier.  Two million, okay.  Ten million, okay.  100 million a little vaguer.  1,000 million – which is one billion – is fairly hard to put your finger on.  (Yes, it would be very nice to get your hands on a billion, and I encourage it!  Still, it might take a week, or month, or year or so to figure out what to do with all of that.)