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Launching a new website is NOT a journey for the faint of heart….. Our biggest problem is we have no idea how many of you actually received the first issue. For that matter we’re not sure about how many of you will get this issue, either.

We sent out a number of e-mails – some group, some single – with that nice “key” link to the First Issue. Later that evening we received a notice from our Domain Name Server that our SEND function had been temporarily suspended because they had received reports of SPAM being sent from our mailbox……..

WOW! I don’t want to start out wrapped in a red-white-and-blue conspiracy theory but if our very first edition gets us shut down bada-boom, does that mean we’re doing something that good?

We’re going to modify our sending technique for this Second Issue. This may or may not get us around the “SEND” problem but we are trying to work it out. And we don’t plan on going away anytime soon. We’ll continue publishing.

(Of course, for those of you who may not get this, ….. well, you don’t need to worry about anything because you received nothing to worry about….)

And a lot of really good minds out there are working on keeping the Voices from the Right available in spite of the Leftist Globalist One World China-Sympathizers working so diligently against us.

US Right On

                                AMERICA FIRST