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Having been around for quite a few years I have put myself by way of observing and encountering many different situations. The following is my studied opinion on the ‘transgender’ epidemic.

1, Medically, I am told, there are a very very miniscule number of children born with physical properties of both sexes.  I have been told doctors of old made an immediate decision as to which sex would be most beneficial to a child throughout their life time.

2. Some children simply have a normal, for them, curiosity regarding doing and learning about things adults have decided to put a ‘male’ or ‘female’ tag on.

3. Many children termed, by themselves or adults, as ‘transgender’ are created by one or both parents dressing/treating, for their own strange reasons, the child as being of the opposite sex.
4. Hero worship of a member of the opposite sex can occasionally lead a child to temporarily want to be the opposite sex.
5. Many children have observed the attention, love, and/or privilege children of the opposite sex receive and want these to be bestowed on them. This would certainly be a normal reaction but certainly does not mean the child truly wishes to be the opposite sex.
Any one of these items can be a problem for the child and needs to be gently worked with by those closest to them. My observations have put the most often situation being #5 with the simple answer being love the child as an individual person and not as a ‘sex’.   JB